What is morby?


Who we are?

We are a platform dedicated to connecting players from around the world and providing them with the opportunity to participate in exciting friendly matches in their favorite sports. We offer a wide variety of registration options for soccer, basketball, and volleyball matches, at different skill levels and in various geographical locations.

Our goal is to provide a fun and safe environment for players to connect, have fun, and enjoy their favorite sport in their leisure time. We take pride in being an inclusive and diverse community, that celebrates the passion for sports and camaraderie among players.

We strive to offer an easy and straightforward registration experience, with flexible options for players to join individual matches or form their own teams. Additionally, we make sure that matches are organized and managed by experienced and passionate individuals, to ensure the safety and quality of the experience.

Join our community of players today and discover the excitement of playing in friendly soccer, basketball, and volleyball matches!


When we started?

We started in 2023 as a simple soccer court booking system, but quickly evolved into something much more exciting. We realized that players were looking for more than just booking a court to play; they wanted a complete and exciting experience where they could connect with other players and enjoy their favorite sport. So, we decided to expand our services and began organizing full matches, providing players the opportunity to join teams and compete in thrilling friendly matches. Today, we are proud to be a vibrant and ever-growing community, dedicated to providing players with the best possible experience in their favorite sport.

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